Friday, September 24, 2021

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TOP 10 Sports Card BOXES to BUY (& hold) TODAY…. and why you should consider WAX.

Interested in adding Sports Card Wax (sealed boxes) to your collection strategy? Check out our Top 10:   All 10 of them are HERE: #10: 2019-20 Hoops...

Are we on the verge of a Sports Card COLLAPSE? “How Credit Card debt is destroying hobby” PART 1

Are we on the verge of a Sports Card COLLAPSE? "How Credit Card debt is destroying hobby" PART 1 An important topic that we continue...

THE PULL | Inside the Life of the Greatest YouTube Group Breaker in America! Sports Cards 101!

Clint has been a hidden gem on Youtube for decades! Not only is his collection amazing, but his skills on the basketball court are...

GAOC | The ACTUAL TRUTH about the 2021 National Sports Card Convention (NSCC) w/The MAN HIMSELF!

FIRST - download THE LOUPE app:​ SECOND - enjoy this great conversation with Ray Schute THIRD - SUBSCRIBE! Watch: MOST WATCHED PSA 7's~  A Bench Clear Media Production

Mint Condition EP2 Interview JACK SETTLEMAN + NBA Top Shot: DEZ’ DATA Stories Community Opportunity

The Mint Condition -- EPISODE 2 -- Mint Condition EP2 Interview JACK SETTLEMAN + NBA Top Shot: DEZ' DATA Stories Community Opportunity WATCH: HERE ARE...

Behind The Numbers | More OFFSEASON Football Cards Strategies – PSA/BGS Bulk – Top 3 Players of Week

  In Episode 23 of Behind The Numbers we catch up with Ty and discuss Offseason strategies / news in the Football Card market. CHECK...

GAOC – The Most UNDER VALUED Vintage Players / Cards RIGHT NOW — PART 2

Today we continue the conversation and talk about more UNDERRATED Vintage Cards in the Hobby right now! WATCH:   MOST WATCHED SPORTS CARDS RIGHT NOW

*THE MINT CONDITION* EP1: Blockchain and Collectibles + NBA Top Shot Tricks + NFT in Sports Cards!

Welcome to THE MINT CONDITION - The Kick-Off Episode! If you are interested in the insane movements across the digital collectibles marketplace, this is...

BreakerCulture Weekly -4 Months Later w/LOUPE Founder ERIC DOTY – The NextGen Hobby Shop Experience?

Tonight we catch-up with Eric to discuss the progress of Loupe 4 months after going live. If you haven't checked out LOUPE -- download...

9 Months Later… How STARSTOCK is handling the Sports Card Hobby Explosion w/CEO SCOTT!

  Tonight I catch up with Scott from StarStock to discuss recent updates on StarStock -- PSA Submissions, Inventory, User Experience, Community, etc... USE CODE...


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