Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Tag: Tyson Banker

Behind The Numbers | Football Card Podcast | Week 1 NFL Reactions – Top RC’s & Performers!! Did the Hobby explode too early?

In the inaugural episode of Behind The Numbers - Tyson Banker and Ty (BreakerCulture) - break down the pure craziness of WEEK 1 of...

BASEBALL CARD ROOKIE REPORT | SEPT 2020 | From 2011 to 2020 | The Market Cap is UP 90%!!!!

We are getting through our first month of baseball. It has been great to have it back. We have seen the difficulty of having...

BreakerCulture | #86 Understanding the recent RISE in FOOTBALL cards + April Retail breakdown w/Tyson Banker

In Today's episode we chat with resident expert TYSON BANKER to break down the recent rise in the Football Card market.  There is lots...
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