Friday, June 9, 2023
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Tag: Sports Card Investing


How to BUILD a SPORTS CARD PORTFOLIO | $25,000 Invest Challenge + Vintage, Modern, PSA, & ROOKIES!

  Today's episode is absolutely EPIC! Mike, Ty, and Joe (@SilverJackify) spend an hour breaking down the elements of constructing a sports card portfolio... from...

EP106 | Digging into the UNDERWORLD of Sports Card BOTS, COOK Groups, Monitors, and more…w/Roman — Learn what’s happening!

In BreakerCulture Weekly EP106 -- I sit down with Roman -- owner of a popular cook group (you'll learn more about this in the...

BreakerCulture Weekly EP104 – Is the Sports Card Market Imploding? Convo w/Venture Cap Darren Herman

In BreakerCulture Weekly EP104 -- I sit down the Darren Herman - Venture Capitalist and Sports Card enthusiast. You'll want to listen to this...

BASEBALL COLLECTOR | *RANT* Are Sports Card Investor’s BAD for the hobby?

Quick rant on my recent Project 2020 frustrations and my take on why sports card 'investors' are NOT good for the hobby. Want an...
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