Saturday, June 25, 2022
Tags Project 2020

Tag: Project 2020

BreakerCulture | #91 Sports Card Prices are TOO HIGH, Project 2020, Story of WaxPackHero

In today's episode I sit down with Mike Sommer from WaxPackHero and discuss: His story in the hobby, how he hustled to fund his...

BASEBALL COLLECTOR | *RANT* Are Sports Card Investor’s BAD for the hobby?

Quick rant on my recent Project 2020 frustrations and my take on why sports card 'investors' are NOT good for the hobby. Want an...

BreakerCulture | CRAZY CARD CHARTS | #1 | 18 Update, 19-20 NBA Boxes, + Project 2020

Today we kick off a new series....where we just dig into a few weekly sports card charts and share our thoughts. The sports card...
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